Join us for one of our Gouger Seminars and learn more about how to maintain, adjust, and take care of your machine

Traditionally, timing has been in late May/June, around Labor Day, or just before Christmas. The cost of this seminar is approximately $700. This fee purchases a kit of gouger tools (sanding forms, alignment jigs, etc.), a manual, a new blade, space rental, and instruction fee. This amount is subject to change due to the cost of tools and rental space. You will learn how to align the bed of your HDR Oboe Gouger, and how to place the blade accurately. Occasionally we will have seminars showing the process of setup of a “raw” machine. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot.

These seminars are open to interested oboists who have owned a Harvard Double Reed gouging machine for a minimum of 6 months and desire to learn more about the maintenance and repair of their gouger. If interested, please contact

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