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Fruition LLC’s patent pending My Musette™ is a temperature-stabilized carry bag for your woodwind instrument, camera, laptop, or other temperature-sensitive items. My Musette™ combines the natural phenomenon of phase change with both fiber and reflective insulation to maintain a temperature-friendly environment for precious cargo in cold conditions. The reliance on phase change to provide warmth avoids the need for wires, heaters or batteries.

My Musette™ is designed to significantly reduce temperature excursions experienced by your instrument or other items. When used properly, My Musette™ will accomplish this, but use can not guarantee that weather-related harm will not occur. Please continue to employ other precautions that you are currently undertaking to protect your items.

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Each My Musette™ currently comes in Navy blue with a shoulder strap (as well as a handle) and pre-installed Stay-Warm™ PCM panels. Approximate dimensions are 19½” x 12½” (outer) and 18½” x 12″ (interior cargo space).My Musette™ accommodates a Lorée single oboe case along with accessory pouches and gear. Extra Stay-Warm™ PCM panels may be purchased separately.

Features of My Musette™:

  • Attractive deep blue exterior perfect for formal venues (Fig. 1)
  • Comes with detachable, black shoulder strap and durable, heavy-duty D-rings
  • Easily opens, unfolds, and hangs (see Fig. 1) to hasten recharge of installed PCM panels or for closet storage
  • Stay-Warm™ PCM panels (see Fig. 2) are interchangeable and simple to remove from or install into My Musette™
  • Temperature indicators (short- and long-range) affixed to PCM panels are readable through a pair of windows (see Fig. 3).
  • High quality materials: 3M Thinsulate fiber insulation, Innovative Insulation’s Temptrol reflective fabric insulation, and PureTemp phase change material.
  • Glen Raven® Sur Last polyester fabric outer shell is easy to clean and highly resistant to abrasion, water, and stains.

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