Glotin mandrel



This new oboe mandrel is the result of a joint effort between HDR and Glotin. These mandrels were hand selected by John Ferrillo to make them as close a match as possible to the original, late 1960s model he and Linda Strommen have used throughout their careers. It is a best effort, and is extremely close – occasionally Glotin tubes measure a bit “tight” on it, i.e., the mandrel stops a fraction of a millimeter shy of the end of the tube.Nevertheless, most tubes fit it quite well, and it is by far the closest mandrel we can find to the tube design we advocate:good, elliptical openings, large enough in diameter to have true octaves and not so big as to produce noise and spread.

Additional information

Weight .066 lbs
Dimensions 7 × .75 × 1.5 in